Company - Service

Our company is specialized in the manufacturing of special valves, machined individually according to the customers´ wishes and needs with the privilege of short delivery times and in first-class quality.

Our service includes:

Gear unit and automation
Installation of:

  • sprocket operation
  • bevel gear
  • spiral gear
  • electric actuators
  • hydraulic actuators
  • pneumatic actuators

Conversion und modification 

  • throttle and regulating disc
  • end-position indicator
  • heating jacket / cooling jacket 
  • secondary seal in the seat and/or in the body (PTFE)
  • spindle extensions 
  • position indicator
  • conversion to life-loaded-standards 
  • by-passing
  • locking device

Valves service

  • pressure and leak test 
  • special coatings / surface protection

Quality management

Voelkel-Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG | Heisinger Straße 383 | 45259 Essen (Germany)